“Nowhere in the Bahamas, or perhaps in the world, is there water of such delightful shades and indescribable beauty.”
– Paul Albury, The Story of The Bahamas

This guide is dedicated to the Bahamians in Exuma whose hearts are as beautiful as the water .

It is for visitors who value experiences with local people, food, culture and history —people who want to experience the friendly people and traditional ways of life in Exuma.

While this Guide is one person’s opinion, it constantly changes as new places are discovered and old ones close and I hear tips on what can’t be missed.

I welcome your own suggestions and comments.

Now, if you want to learn more about the Exumas, the Swimming Pigs, Capt. Jerry, and much more… READ THE GUIDE!

If you found this guide enriched your visit, consider making a small donation to the Exuma School for Exceptional Learners (“ESEL”).

The ESEL came into being on September 12th, 2005. Principal/Teacher Miss Jasmine Nixon identified the need and has nurtured this program. The school provides the only special education in Exuma and is part of the public education system in The Bahamas. ​​ Currently there are 8 students enrolled, with all making good progress. The school has the goals of developing its students while involving parents more in school activities, students more in the community, and students and parents in the Special Olympics. In order to qualify for services, a child must require special education and related services due to his or her different abilities and learning style. In general, children with autism,  brain injury, emotional disturbance, or other like issues are eligible for this Special Education.

  • School Mission: To provide a unique, caring and flexible learning environment that allows every opportunity for students to succeed.
  • School Vision: For the school, home and the community to work together in order to educate ESEL students to be the best that they can be.

In 2019, $2500 is being raised so students from the ESEL can attend the Special Olympics events organized by Special Olympics Bahamas. In 2017 the students excelled particularly in Bocce and the School is looking forward to supporting the development of this sport in their program.

Learn more about Special Olympics Bahamas!

Contributions are welcomed and appreciated and may be made directly to the ESEL through the Exuma Foundation at http://www.exumafoundation.org/get-involved-1.html

To do so use the yellow PayPal ONLINE DONATIONS button, making sure you put a note in the spot for special instructions that it’s for the ESEL once you click PayPal or credit/debit card. Thanks!

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