Car Rental and Taxis

We use Sure to Shore Car Rental Janese Turnquest ( 242-336-3466 (office) 242-395-2321 (cell) and have had exemplary service. Her cars are $350/week with no additional taxes or fees for extra drivers.


If you don’t rent a car (and we highly recommend you do because taxies are very expensive), don’t hesitate to get quotes from the recommended taxi operators.

Instead of taking any taxi when you arrive at the airport or need a taxi, have the people where you’re staying recommend one, or call:

Calvin Adderley Taxi #53 Call (242) 524-5047 or 345-5112

Margaret McKenzie Taxi #26 Call (242) 554-2456 or 345-7003

Rudy Rolle Taxi #9 Call (242) 345-0208 or 524-1989

Dimitri Smith Taxi #28 Call (242) 357-0405 or 358-4045


Your comments and suggestions are always welcome!